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Operation Wild 

Thandi The Rhino


Dee the Seal



Shufie the Gorilla

Asiatic Bear Brain surgery



Thandi rhino

Thandi the Rhino


Clare Balding joins a team in South Africa who are trying to help a rhino called Thandi who was attacked by poachers for her horn. Vets are joined by a human plastic surgeon that is planning to heal the wound on her face with a world first - a rhino skin graft.




Shufi Gorrila

Shufi the Gorrila


Shufie is a young gorilla at a primate sanctuary in Cameroon whose left arm was shattered by shotgun pellets when poachers killed his mother. Shufie couldn’t climb trees like the other gorillas — his only hope of survival was a

pioneering operation.



Dee the Seal


Steve Leonard travels to a zoo in Pretoria to meet a Cape Fur Seal who is suffering from a mystery illness. Here the vets use the kind of high-tech diagnostic machines that are usually only found in our hospitals to diagnose what is wrong with her.

Bear Brains

Asiatic Bear Brain Surgery


Deep in the jungle of Laos, Steve Leonard meets a moon bear needing brain surgery, Champa has Hydrocephalus – fluid on the brain – and vets from the UK treat her with keyhole brain surgery.



Tonkun the Elephant


In Laos, young British vet Will Thomas needs to operate on a four-tonne elephant with a gun-shot injury. But first he needs to take some X-Rays 


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