I feel like a very lucky man! How could I not? I’ve spent 20 years working with some of the most dynamic,

creative, dedicated and hard working people whilst filming life’s great stories all over this wonderful globe.



Right from the start my focus and interest has always been to document ‘the real’ which was often action adventure travel in the most interesting, filmic and beautiful way possible. 



Through the lens I’ve witnessed once in a lifetime sporting achievements, unique artist performances and life changing human dramas unfold. I’ve documented captivating natural events and the best of the man-made world from his past, present, to his possible future.



Back in 1995 Action-sports opened the door for me. The snowboard World tour took me to mountain-tops and windsurf and surf expeditions introduced me to tropical waters. It was my 10,000hr apprenticeship where I learnt how to work at the edges, under pressure, sometimes in extreme environments - always bringing back the shots!



I’m confident that Directors and Producers would say I have good people skills and that I’m a considerate hard working productive team player.



Many times I’ve been a crew member on big OB style productions, but I have to admit I love getting ‘out there’, meeting different people in different cultures, witnessing natural beauty and natural history and all that life has to offer when working in those interesting and often challenging environments.



The experience I have accumulated over the past 20yrs enables me to work quickly and confidently, distilling life into bite size narratives, hopefully consistently elevating and adding value and beauty to what stands in-front of my camera.



I’m most fulfilled when I’m part of a team creating entertaining, informative, positive stories.



I guess my ambition would be to shoot films that count!





I've worked on and contributed to a number of RTS, Emmy and BAFTA award winning series and programs. 


'Supersized Earth'. BBC 2013 

Factual Photography BAFTA Nomination. 


'Inside the Human Body' .BBC.

Director of Photography. RTS Nominated


'Can we save Planet Earth'. BBC.

Emmy award winning climate change documentary presented by David Attenborough. 


'Freesports on Four'. Channel 4. 

RTS and BAFTA award winning series.


'Terror Alert'. Sky One.

Director of Photography. BAFTA Nominated. 






During twenty years of filming I've gained experience using most types of cameras, lenses long and wide, filming many varied scenarios using different recording formats that have now developed into the current generation of Super 35 digital cinema cameras.


I also have experience using:


- RC Drones for low level Aerial filming as the camera op.

- Gimbal stabilizers with and without Easyrigs.

- Time-lapse and Cam-Block motion control units.

- Mini cameras and the ever-present Gopro.

- Pole-cams with hot heads and Mini Jibs.

- Sliders, dollies and Car Mounts.

- High-speed cameras

- 16mm Film cameras


Along side my camera work I have also edited many features and VT inserts inc corporates, sell-through DVD’s and Multi-camera as-Live music events. My editing has proved to be an invaluable skill that has helped hugely with my approach to filming. 


I have experience working in all manner of challenging environments from minus 45 degrees to plus 45 degrees, at altitude or in the middle of the ocean. I once crossed the Atlantic experiencing monster seas and amazingly I wasn’t sick once! And like many cameramen I've worked from a multitude of moving platforms - helicopters to rickshaws, rubber-rings, shopping trollies to jetski's.  I’m a confident skier and swimmer, proficient enough to carry camera equipment around a mountain resort and comfortable filming in surf using water-housed cameras.


Though most of my lighting has been relatively small scale on documentary productions, I do have experience lighting green screens and drama reconstructions. One such series got a BAFTA nomination.


I’m not claustrophobic, squeamish or fearful of heights and have worked along side large wild animals in Africa and Laos so I have a healthy respect when it comes to cantankerous bull elephants and large carnivores alike. So far, thankfully, I’ve been spot on with my ‘at work dynamic risk assessments’ apart from one unfortunate encounter with a Fire Ants nest!


I’m patient, polite and sensitive to contributors and presenters needs, knowing what it takes to travel to the other side of the planet and return as a part of a happy, successful team. 


…and most importantly I have  something unique to me ‘My eye’. 



Curriculum Vitae


... and when I'm not working you can find me on a beach in Cornwall!





Tel: +44 (0) 7968 800 171


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