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Currently I own both RED-Epic-Dragon and Sony F55 filming packages.
















I really love these cameras and own them because of their versatility and ‘horse power’ - their ability to simply and consistently produce stunning imagery. The Sony F55 is like Muhammad Ali in a lunchbox and the RED Dragon a Nuclear Reactor in a match box!


Both systems are capable of shooting incredible high quality, high dynamic range scenes. Both cameras have Super 35mm style sensors facilitating that ‘filmic’ shallow depth of field look that is often desired and both are capable of slow-motion. All in Ultra HD if needed.  


The RED Dragon’s main strengths are its form factor (Great for Octocopters), RAW workflow, and Pixel density enabling the added benefit of pulling high quality stills images from the 6k RAW footage. It’s a true digital cinema camera!


The Sony F55 is better designed for more traditional TV work and though it can produce RAW files it can also provide the edit friendly and more familiar 1080p codecs for productions that require a faster turn around in post.











With a selection of PL mount lenses, Zeiss Primes, LED panel lights, grip and Canon 5dMK3 time-laps equipment, plus many extras, this forms the core equipment I own and use - All boxed in rugged Peli-cases ready to fly if needs be!


I’m also happy to shoot on any format the production might require and organize any extra more specialized equipment as and when it’s needed on a shoot to shoot basis, be it water-proof Polecams, camBLOCK timelaps rigs or Octocopters for Aerial filming assignments.


Please do call me to discuss your production needs.  

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